Fixed Gear Crit

Highest crit in Europe won by Capaci and Dotti

Last Saturday, on the climbs of Cervinia, Criterium Italia organized the highest crit in Europe (and maybe in the world). The race was located in the Italian village Cervinia, in the Alps on 2100 meters above sea level.
Text: Micaela Pizzoli
Photography: Emanuele Barbaro

Three races, Women, B final and A final. Jasmine Dotti (IRD) won the women’s final with a huge attack on the last climb of the race, followed by Letizia Galvani (Cyklen) and Stefania Baldi (Desgenà).

The A final was simply amazing. The wheatear was cloudy, with the risk of rain, but fortunately the races was dry. From the first kilometers, Andrea Tincani (Bahumer) tried a solo win but, Michael Capati (Urbe Crit) was not of the same idea, and went to reach him, then pass him and win, with one minute on Alessandro Mariani (IRD) and Andrea Tincani.

In the B race for the first part of the race, Manuel Scerbo (Beltrami Criterium Italia SC) and Mattia Capece (Dafne Fixed) rule the group, but then Capece goes away alone to the victory, followed by Andrea Assi and Luca Breda (Ravens).

Women’s podium:
1. Jasmine Dotti (IRD)
2. Letizia Galvani (Cyklen)
3. Stefania Baldi (Desgenà)

Men’s A podium:
1. Michael Capaci (Urbe Criterium)
2. Alessandro Mariani (IRD)
3. Andrea Tincani (Bahumer)
Men’s B podium:
1. Mattia Capece (Dafne Fixed)
2. Andrea Assi (Ravens)
3. Luca Breda (Ravens)

General Classification:
Women: Dotti – Galvani – Baldi
A: Poccianti – Zanasca – Pagliaccia
B: Assi – Scerbo – Breda