Fixed Gear Crit

Fixedgearcrit will be represented in crits!

In the upcoming season the founder of our platform, Brian Megens, will be representing the platform in crits under the name “”. Brian is a former UCI-road cyclist who was part of the famous Rabobank U23 team which delivered numerous world-class riders to the UCI World-Tour. Brian quit cycling late 2012 but got back on the bike in 2016 due to the fixed gear crit sport and community. Although he is an experienced road cyclist, he is realistic about his ambitions and priorities in the role of being the founder, co-owner, contributor, and rider for Fixedgearcrit:

“I will be racing fixed gear crits mainly because I just love racing and riding my fixed gear bike so much. Besides that, I think I am still in a pretty good shape and able to get some good results. However, the most important reason to be in the fixed gear peloton this season is to stay connected with the riders, I feel that by being one of them I pick-up the needs of the community better, I get to know the riders in a different way, and I will be able to write about races in which I competed myself. Other reasons for riding for Fixedgearcrit are that I see it as an opportunity to promote the platform, connect with brands from the cycling industry from which some hopefully grow into partners of the initiative. Furthermore, by riding solo and not being part of an established team I, and the platform, stay away from politics as much as can be.”

Photo by Jeroen van Zijp
Photo by Brian Megens
Photo by Jeroen van Zijp

The bike, was officially presented during the Berlin Bike Convention, it is a custom FGC Bombtrack Needle. The Bombtrack Needle is one of the first fixed gear crit specific bikes designed by Bombtrack & Olaf Wit, the latter is famous in the fixed gear crit racing scene for inventing the famous crit lean. The bike will be finished by parts from the brands: FFWD Wheels, Vittoria, Brooks (provided by BrooksNL), Rotor, Kappstein, and KMC. Other supplies to make sure Brian is equipped with the best materials are: Poc, Lake Cycling, Scicon Bags, Baaq, Solosportsnl, and Duursportnl.

Photo by Jeroen van Zijp
FGC 2017 Kit by SoloSportsNL