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A Fixed Gear Pregnancy – Jasmine Dotti Part II

Rider Jasmine Dotti – one of the strongest female crit riders out there – is about to experience what is probably the most incredible, intense feeling a human being is capable of: she will be the mother of two beautiful twins. Very soon. You might remember part 1 of this story. It was last November and Jasmine was entering her fifth month. We’re now roughly one month away from giving birth, and we had the chance to chat with her again, to know what has changed during these three months, how she feels and basically how a formidable athlete prepares for such a formidable adventure. We’ll leave to her from here.
Text: Michele Colucci / vimeo: michele colucciinstagram: mikelone77

The last time we talked was in November last year, and I was five months pregnant. So many things have changed since then. My pregnancy is proceeding really well, I haven’t stopped working or doing what I like, even though I have an entirely different mindset, of course.

During this period it wasn’t just my belly that was growing. The mother inside every girl was growing as well. When I felt my babies moving inside of me for the first time something clicked. A new bond, a very strong one, was building inside of me. And I began to picture them, talk to them, cuddle them…Me and Daniele (Callegarin) also agreed on the names, which I wanted to sound good together: Alyce and Grace.

Everything was great, we spent a wonderful Christmas followed by a holiday in the mountains in order to relax and start the new year strong. But a week after returning to work what all pregnant girls fear happened: 27 weeks in I was hospitalized, following very strong contractions that were leading me to giving birth. Basically, the final part of my pregnancy as I had imagined it was blown away.

It literally felt like racing on a flat course for almost the entire time, with a final sprint ahead. And when you’re only 3km from the finish line you discover it’s an endless, agonizing climb…

Once you’re told that your babies are in high risk of premature birth, you begin asking yourself what you did wrong. You question yourself and your ability, as a mother, to protect your children. Luckily I had Daniele with me, and my parents as well as my friends and of course all of the doctors who helped me with every single aspect of this situation, letting me know I had no responsibility in what was happening. I really need to thank everyone who helped me out and made me feel their presence, be it physically or simply through a message.

So now everything is ok. And I am ready. The next time we’ll talk, I’ll have my angels in my arms. As far as racing is concerned, I am definitely coming back but I am not showing my cards for now…I am leaving you with the suspense… 🙂 I am far more concerned to know when my babies are going to come into this world, so I’ll definitely get back on my bike once I feel better, and once I have the time and the right situation to do it. It has always been my passion and I want it to be a pleasure, as it has always been.

It is easy to understand that right now bicycles are very far away in my mind, I just want to think about my children. Who are desperate to come out and meet all of these persons who already love them so much! So talk to you next time.

Talk to you soon, Jasmine…

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