Fixed Gear Crit

Fixed gear crit in Brazil: Daemon Track Crit 2

Fixed gear crit racing is not only spreading in Western-Europe and North-America, crits are taking place everywhere on the globe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, and Brazil are just a few countries where fixed gear crits are also being held. Last weekend, the 2nd edition of the Daemon Track Crit, supported by Vittoria Tires, took place. Having learned from their 1st edition, this one was faster, more crowded, and better organized.
Photography: @diegocagnato

There were 60 registrations of a total of 60 places available with cyclists coming from (at least) 7 Brazilian states and the first international participation, Santi Montañes (GRØN Team), coming directly from Uruguay just to join the race. Taking the race out from the center of Sao Paulo was not a premise, however the open air go kart track structure was too appropriate to miss it. The course of about 800m was pretty smooth with clean curves, 1 chicane and 2 hairpins and perfect tarmac for bike racing.

The final races were divided in an A and B men category and a women’s race.

Vid by team CØG.CC

Men’s A Final
The 20 fastest riders have lined up for the top prize of the night. The strong pace was imposed on the first lap, with a pack reduced to 7 strong and experienced cyclists which turned out to be the decisive move. Arthur Maas, Diego Mendes and Luiz Testoni all from Cøg clearly tried to set the pace putting a member up the front to try to control the race. Attempts by Garcia (who took the first lap prime) to repeat the Qualify game were quickly neutralized. The speed and adrenaline continued high until Diego Mendes attacked and crashed in the second hairpin. Back on the bike he starts to chase the 1st group, decreasing with each lap the gap that reached 12 seconds. In the last lap Team Cøg used all their riders to control the race. Arthur Maas, who had guaranteed lunch prime, attacks and breaks away from the first group. Testoni neutralises the pack for his team mate. Garcia reacts to Arthur’s attack but can’t close the gap. Maas wins and sets a KOM of 1’06 in the last lap, Garcia who takes 2nd, and Jow Whitaker!

Women’s Race
Starting with 11 girls, the first pack consisting of 4 cyclists was quickly led by veteran defending champion Talita Noguchi (Las Magrelas), who had the eyes of the crowd. In the last lap, Noguchi, who had led the pack during almost the entire race, in a sudden movement of the pack crashed leaving Carina Chandan alone for the sprint to take 1st place with Denise right on her wheel to take 2nd place. Diverging from most of the official classification criteria, Noguchi, Naone Lopes and Paula Pedrosa took the podium sequence even though they did not complete the race (DNF).

Men’s B Race
The high-light was the solo breakaway of the combative Mateus Fogaça, who crashed in the Qualifying but entered the race B with the a podium oriented mindset. His breakaway moved on from the very 1st lap thus guaranteeing the Prime Lap and opening a gap that reached 58 sec advantage for the second pack. Behind Mateus it were Alex Bueno (Gorilla Fixed) and Kaique Soares (Cycle Threat) that maintained their positions distant of the other groups and they conquered the 2nd and 3rd places.

Men’s A Podium
1. Arthur Mass – CØG.CC
2. Erick Garcia – GARI.
3. Jow Whitaker – GORILLA FIXED
4. Davi Strauss – CYCLE THREAT
5. Luiz Testoni  – CØG.CC

Women’s Podium
1. Carina Chandan – BIKEINK
2. Denise Dallastra – CERNNUNOS
3. Talita Noguchi – LAS MAGRELAS
4. Naone Lopes – XXFG
5. Paula Pedrosa – LAS MAGRELAS

Men’s B Podium
1. Matthew Fogaça – Unattached
2. Alex Bueno – GORILLA FIXED
3. Kayque Soarez – CYCLE THREAT
4. Rudá Magalhães – CYCLE THREAT
5. Vitor Santos – Unattached