Fixed Gear Crit

FHTN and Why Be Normal? merge into new team, FHTN WBN?

The winners of the Women’s Team Classification, Why Be Normal? and FHTN, bundle their strengths merging into FHTN WBN? As the name reveals, FHTN and WBN? are the main supporters of the team. For the 2017 season. The team starts with 6 riders: Vittoria Reati, Ronnie Toth, Patrick Kos, Hector Morales, Manuel Barra, and James Stocker but Andrea Ciattoni, one of the two Ciattoni brothers behind the FHTN project, confirmed that more riders are expected to be added throughout the season.

The main focus of the team is on the Red Hook Crit series, and the SoCal Series. The team will represent Leader Bikes and with a mixture of North-American and European riders it seems like they are following the trend of the new teams to have multiple nationalities in one team.