Fixed Gear Crit

Experimentum Crit won by Andrea Tincani and Paola Panzeri

Besides the presentation of the Criterium Italia Series, there was another fixed fixed gear event, the Experimentum Crit organised by the Scattofissocrew, taking place. In the Men’s A category it was Andrea Tincani taking the victory with a solo. In the women’s field it was Paola Panzeri who was the strongest, and Antonino Lu Fratantonio won the Men’s B race in a sprint. Full results Experimentum Crit.

Photos by Chris Leustean Photography

Paola Panzeri won the women’s race
Davide Vigano leading the peloton
Andrea Tincani winning the men’s A race

Antonino Lu Fratantonio sprinting to victory in the men’s B crit

Men’s A podium:
1. Andrea Tincani
2. Davide Vigano
3. Alvise Zanasca

Women’s podium:
1. Paola Panzeri
2. Giulia Torta
3. Eleonora Mele

Men’s B podium:
1. Antonino Lu Fratantonio
2. Paolo Galloni
3. Andrea Assi

For more photos of the crit: FB album Chris Leustean Photography