Fixed Gear Crit

Davide Vigano “They ride their bikes like Valentino Rossi”

Davide Viganò is still looking for his first win in a Red Hook Crit. With three races done the Cinelli–Chrome rider has not finished outside the top-4, coming second place in twice. Although he really wants to win a race, he is happy with the series leaders jersey. “With the last race in my home town Milan, I’m looking to put the cherry on top of the cake.”
Text: Date Burgerjon

Coming up to the last corner Viganò seemed in the perfect position to take the win in RHC BCN No.5. “I made a mistake in that last corner. I took it to wide. Van Eerd took the inside and beat me.” In London Davide was beaten by Filippo Fortin. In Barcelona he made sure that would not happen again. “Fortin always rides on my wheel. He is really fast in the sprint so he follows me around all the time. So this time I returned the favor making him close the gap on Van Eerd. I jumped out of his wheel just before the last corner”, Davide explains his tactics.

Viganò had some help from his teammate Ivan Ravioli in the beginning, but was isolated in the end. “Yes, I think it’s really important. Look at the tactics Aldo and Colin used last year. It’s useful. If you have four strong riders like Rocket Espresso-Specialized and play it smart, you can do what you want.”

According to Viganò the race course in Barcelona was slow. “Two hairpins and one long straight where we had headwind.” Davide said he liked the course but prefers a faster one. “I think the course in Milan suits me better. It’s really fast and has no hairpins. If you check the super pole on the technical courses, I’m always in the back. The others are really fast in the corners, they ride their bikes like Valentino Rossi.”

“With the last race in my home town Milan, I’m looking to put the cherry on top of the cake.”

To some people the win of David van Eerd came as a surprise, but not to Viganò. “He is always up there, I think he had some trouble with the wet conditions in London, but in Brooklyn and Barcelona he was really strong, so I knew he could win.”

Having just retired from pro-cycling and working in the Cinelli factory creative department, Davide aims to continue his fixed gear career next year. “This is my new hobby, I’m really happy at Cinelli and everything goes well together.”