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Davíd van Eerd on Red Hook Crit Milano No.8 ‘the goal is to keep that podium place’

With the last race of the Red Hook Crit series coming up in Milan this weekend, we talked to RHC BCN No.5 winner Davíd van Eerd about his expectations and goals for the Red Hook Criterium final tomorrow.
Text: Date Burgerjon
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After his somewhat surprising victory in Barcelona, Davíd is keen on delivering yet another great performance. “I’m third in the overall standings. So the goal is to keep that podium place”. Does that require drawing up special tactics for Saturday? “No, I don’t think that’s possible. Luckily a good result equals a good result in the final standings. So the goal doesn’t change much. Too bad I did not take any points in London”.

The course in Barcelona was made for a rider with the technical skill level of Van Eerd. In Milan, David has to defend his podium place on a less technical and fast course against some real powerful riders like Colin Strickland, Stefan Shafer, and Davide Vigano to name a few. “On a technical level, I’m as good or better than those guys. But they do hold a few watts over me. So it won’t be easy.”

Photo by Björn Lexius

Davíd thinks Davide Viganò is almost certain of taking the overall win. “Davide finished every race in the top-5. And with the final being in his home town, I don’t see him not taking it.”