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Data with Chris: Vigano in pole position for the Red Hook Criterium 2017 Series Championship

Davide Vigano is going into the last Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 leading the RHC general classification with 13 points over Filippo Fortin, 21 over Davíd van Eerd, and 22 points over Colin Strickland. Chris Tolley and David Trimble made an overview of how Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 can influence the general classification. Theoretically, the top 9 of the GC can still go home with the overall win, however, Filippo Fortin is by far the closest competitor followed by Davíd and Colin. Chris Tolley made a special Tableau to play around with and see how Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 can influence the current top-4 positions. To see the whole tableau please click here.
Text: Brian Megens & David Trimble

The maximum amount of points that can be obtained by a single rider on a Red Hook Criterium day is 47. The first 3 points are given to the 5 winners of the 5 qualification heats. As the whole top-5 of the RHC GC are separated, all 5 riders can take these 3 points. Next are the 3 points that are won by the Super Pole winner. All riders finishing in the top-5 in their qualification heat will participate in the Super Pole. In the final, 3 points are for the First Prime winner, and another 3 are for the Mid-Prime winner. Someone that gathers all these points can add a total of 12 points to their overal amount of points. This means that if Davide is unable to obtain any of these points but Filippo is able to win all of them, the difference in the GC (outside the Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 final result) has shrunk to 1. In the final, the 1st place gets 35 points, 2nd place will give 30 points, 3rd place 27 points, 4th place 24 points, and 5th place 22 points.

Davide Vigano always wins RHC 2017 Championship if: 
He finishes 1st
He finishes 3rd and wins a prime
He finishes 4th and wins 2 primes
He finishes 9th and wins 3 primes
He finishes 15th and wins 4 primes

One thing is clear, Davide Vigano is the favourite for the RHC 2017 Series Championship but he cannot afford any mistake as the gap with Filippo Fortin is significant but not big enough to sit back an relax.