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Criterium Italia Series 2017 opens with Fiorini Crit

The Criterium Italia Series 2017 will be kicked-off upcoming weekend with the Fiorini Crit which makes its debut in the Crit Italia series. The course of the race will be different to last year when it was Alec Briggs that went home to the UK with the victory. The day before the race there will be a track-day open to all the riders that are in town and want to get together and train on the velodrome. The Velodrome is actually only 600 meters away from the race course. The race will take place inside the”Cascine Park” which is an institution of the city. After the qualification heats there will be a Final A and Final B. The jerseys of the first three positions this year are made by Kuthai cycling a new comer inside the cycling apparel.