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Course for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 totally renewed: “Fastest and shortest ever”

In the last years the RHC Brooklyn No.11 course stayed more or less the same, but for this year everything changed. We talked with race director David Trimble to find more about the changes.
Course graphics: Kai Nobbe

“This will be the fastest (and shortest) circuit ever in Brooklyn. The new layout features many sections of perfect tarmac thanks to the repaving work by Formula E. Despite no slow hairpins the nine corners and waterfront winds will create a busy, technical, and dynamic race. The finishing straight will be the fastest and longest in RHC history so this may be one for the sprinters (if they can hold the race together until the end).”

Turn 1 and 2 will be taken together in one big sweeping arch. The exit of Turn 2 is parallel to the water so expect strong cross winds.

Turn 3 is an easy gradual bend which will put riders on the wrong side of the track for Turn 4

Turn 4 is a fast sweeping corner that will likely be the most challenging turn on the circuit as the best line won’t be easy to hit

Turn 5 looks tighter than it is and then opens up into a super fast Turn 6

Turn 6 opens up on the exit so an early acceleration mid-apex is possible

Turn 7 is a fast kink where positioning will play a big role. It will be easy to get the door slammed on you here

Turn 8 is the most critical part of the circuit. It will have a tight entry and a fast exit. Your exit speed here will have implications all the way to the line. Pedal strike here is a risk. If there’s is the expected tail wind riders will enter this corner at maximum speed.

Turn 9 is another minor bend but it’s the final direction change before the start/finish line so positioning is absolutely critical