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Colin Strickland on Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.10 “I wasn’t expecting anything, the field was insane”

Last year Colin Strickland made a big name for himself by winning RHC BK 9 with an incredible solo. This year, Colin was the one of the favourites for the race. He showed that this was justified by being present in the final break-away duo but he couldn’t claim victory this time as Stefan Schafer proved to be the strongest of the two.  We asked Colin Strickland how he experienced Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No. 10, what he learned from it, and how he moves forward from here.

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When asked how Colin felt during the day he replied “ I wasn’t feeling great, actually I had a similar feeling as I had during Mission Crit. The night before RHC BK 10 I just couldn’t fall asleep, I was quite stressed and had insomnia. This was the reason not to participate in the Super Pole session. I felt that my body needed the rest instead of another warming-up, hot lap, and cooling-down. The weeks before RHC BK 10 I felt super strong and that is why I was really confident the weeks prior, but looking back I might have peaked to early. I mean, I have no coach and I don’t plan my training too much as I just want to enjoy riding a bike and not worry too much about details, if I can do this and still be in the front I am fine with that.”

Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn no.10

What were your expectations coming to RHC BK 10?
“I wasn’t expecting anything, the field was insane. If you look at it from a scientific perspective one would say that my odds were good but in the end I am just one of the hundred guys starting from which probably around 40 have a better road CVthan I do.”

How did the race evolve for you?
“I worked my ass off when the race stared. I actually only attacked once which immediately was the move. Marius just got caught, and I planned to do a move there and I went. There is no way to plan an attack, you have to go by feel. As soon as I realised Stefan was with me, I knew we were gone. However, with Stefan on my wheel I still went 2-3 laps full gas to create a gap. Stefan let me take the mid-prime without contest which I probably misinterpreted as him not feeling super strong (…) After those laps I actually never took time to recover and looking back I should have played it more sneaky, like I did in Barcelona, but now I was trying to out-power the beast named Stefan Schafer, wasn’t the best move. Actually, for a moment, when I attacked and he was behind, I thought I had it but then he came over so hard that I couldn’t even think of getting to his wheel, I had absolutely nothing left.”

How happy is Colin Strickland with 2nd place?
“Actually I am super thrilled with it looking at the circumstances and we put up a good show for the crowd. Red Hook Crits turn more into a normal race meaning that teams are so strong now that they can control a race.”

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How further from here?
“I’ll go up state for a stage race and then it will be full crit season mode here in Texas with races in Dallas, Austin, and more.”
Colin proved to be strong by winning the Drive Way Series crit the Thursday after RHC BK 10 by avoiding a bunch sprint on his own by staying in front of a chasing peloton.