Fixed Gear Crit

Chicchi strikes again, this time with a solo in the Rosti Criterium Balanders’ Challenge

On a hot and sunny day in the historical UNESCO village Capriate san Gervasio in Italy the Rosti Criterium Balanders’ Challenge takes place. The atmosphere is very good with the whole village coming out to see the spectacle while enjoying the music and some beers. With competitors from Brazil, Switzerland, and New-Zealand the field is quite international.  The qualification is won by Luca Sacchetti from Team Desgena with almost an average of 47k per our. Like true Italians do anything in style also the motor leading the peloton had to be stylish, a classic original Vespa.

Photography: Chiara Redaschi (except Vespa photo)
Text: Brian Megens

The men’s B final is won by Davide Orecchia, followed by Loris Basciu, and Giuseppe Fazari complements the podium.

While the sunsets, and the village gets even more beautiful, it is time for the Men’s A final to start their race. Francesco Chicchi, who won hist first fixed gear crit last week, feels strong and decides not to wait for a sprint but goes off the front to win with an impressive solo. The 2nd place is for Matteo Sangalli followed by Chicchi’s team mate Luca Gibbin.

Photo by Benedetto Zonca

Men’s A Podium:
1. Francesco Chicci,
2. Matteo Sangalli,
3. Luca Gibbin,

Men’s B Podium:
1. Davide Orecchia – Croce Verde
2 Loris Basciu – Car is Over
3 Giuseppe Fazari – Piga Crew

1.Giulia Donato