Fixed Gear Crit

Cesar Valenzuela skips Red Hook Criterium London No.3 “It sucks to miss out on a battle but I will be back”

Cesar Valenzuela, the youngster that amazed the whole fixed gear scene by out-powering several world-class fixed gear crit riders and winning Mission Crit IV and recently moved to Intelligentsia Racing, has decided not to start in Red Hook Crit London No.3 as his recovery from the crash in Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.10 is taking longer than expected.

“I decided to make a mature decision and sit out this one just to let myself fully recover and not stress on trying to rush myself back into shape and just to get my things straight. My collarbone is also taking longer than expected to recover checking up with the doctor sometime this week see how I’m doing. It sucks to miss out on a battle but I will be back.” Cesar Valenzuela

Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn no.10