Fixed Gear Crit

The 2017 Red Hook Criterium season of the Aventon Factory Team “a RHC win is what we really want”

The 2017 fixed gear crit season is done and dusted. Now it’s time to look back and evaluate the good and the bad of the season. As the Red Hook Criterium series are by far the most prestigious series in...

Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 director’s cut

Red Hook Criterium just released the official director’s cut for RHC Milano No.8.
Video by: Tito Capovilla
Music: Raydar – Neon Graffiti

Photography at Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 ‘RAW’ by Paul Williams aka Gingerbeard

 Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 is in the books. In the next weeks we will look back on it through the lens of some amazing photographers. They will show us a recap of the race, or maybe just a small part of...

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