Fixed Gear Crit

Candy Crit Challenge renamed to Challenge N&L after tragic car crash Nico Our and Louis Legon

During the first crit of the Candy Crit Challenge it was Nico Oury from Disorderly Habits Racing who won the crit with his team mate Louis Legon claiming 2nd place. After the crit Nico and Louis were involved in a tragic car accident when driving home from Toulouse to Lyon. Nico did not survive the crash while Louis was fighting for his life for weeks. Recently, Louis has started his long road of recovery. The organisation was so shocked by these happenings that they want to honour both Nico as Louis. Therefore, the name of the crit has changed from Candy Crit Challenge to Challenge N&L. The 2nd race in this series will be held on July 13 while the last race in the 2017 series is planned on August 24. Both crits take place in Toulouse, France. The races are added to the Fixedgearcrit calendar.