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Callegarin wins Criterium Tremens

Last Thursday, the Criterium Tremens Championship Fonzi Edition was held at Lambro. The race is dedicated to Giuseppe Fonzi (Wilier-Triestina cyclist). As the Italian fixed gear community wanted to contribute in the crowdfunding for Louis Legon, the riders fee of €3 was raised to €5 and all the went to Louis Legon’s recovery after the tragic car accident in which his teammate Nico Oury passed away. The race was on the famous Lambro crit, 1.8k course.

Mens A
This race was ironically named “Big Epo”. As usually it was a fast race, but this time the field got separated in two groups, Gianpiero Mastronardo (Bike Channel) and Daniele Callegarin (IRD) were in front fighting every lap. It became clear that the second group had no chance of getting back to the first. In the final straight Callegarin crossed 1st,  followed by Mastronardo and Tansella (Acht Casati Rush) with Alessandro Mariani (IRD). The third place was shared between Tansella and Mariani as they crossed together and there was no way of telling who crossed the finish line first of the two.

Mens B
Team Tremens is well known for giving funny names to their race categories, this time they named the B race “From Zero to Iride”. After a good start a massive crash occurred in the 3rd lap. A restart with 7 laps to go was necessary. Luckily, most riders were able to continue the race. The rest of the race was done in a fast pace with  Andrea Prati (Fixed4You) being 1st followed by Casper Garcia (Urbana) and Giacomo Scottini (Army of Two) completed the podium.
Next Criterium Tremens will take place on 6th of July.

Mens A Podium:
1. Daniele Callegarin (IRD)
2. Gianpiero Mastronardo (Bike Channel)
3. Daniel Tansella (Acht Casati Rush) / Alessandro Mariani (IRD)

Mens B Podium
1. Andrea Prati (Fixed4You)
2. Casper Garcia (Urbana)
3. Giacomo Scottini (Army of Two)

Womens Podium:
1. Paola Panzeri