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Briggs & Dotti win opening of Crit Italia Series 2017: Fiorino Crit

Alec Briggs and Jasmine Dotti won the first race in the kick-off of the third edition of the Italian Series, the Fiorino Crit. Alec made it a second in a row victory as he also won the Fiorino Crit last year.

Header Image: Emanuele Barbaro
Photography: Emanuele Barbaro/Massimo Bacci

Photo by Massimo Bacci

In the Men’s A crit it was a break-away with Alec Briggs, Martino Poccianti, Giovanni Longo, Luca Ursino, and Marco Poccianti who battled for victory.

We briefly talked with winner Alec Briggs after the race:
“I came back to this race as the cyckln guys that run it are so nice, it’s a great excuse to go to beautiful city and have fun with friends. The course, the race and the atmosphere was so good, to win is such a bonus, especially in such a strong field, It’s an honour to be racing with guys of such various pedigree, the Italians are great. Hospitality, racing, partying, all great.”

“So because Cyckeln, Bahumer and Bike-Channel had so many riders, I think most knew to wait for them to attack or be in the move, because if they weren’t it would probably get brought back. Which is pretty much what happened for the first 18 laps. It was pretty hard but steady chasing every thing. Me and Moser were looking at each other waiting for the right move to go, then an Luca Ursino went up the road for a few laps and was getting a decent gap which turned out to be the decisive break-away. Me and Martino Poccianti got the front. As it started getting quicker and brought back, unfortunately Moser crashed on the hairpin behind us which disrupted the field even more. Me and Martino Poccianti pushed on and got across the gap with about 8 to go, eventually Marco Poccianti and bahumer rider Giovanni Longo came across to join us forming 5. I was pretty scared as I knew how strong all of these riders were. We kept working together well and the gap got bigger, we knew it would be down to 1 of us 5 with 5 to go I think. We came into the last lap together, I was trying to work out what to do, as I knew everyone was strong and fast in a sprint. Marco was keeping the pace high, then Luca Ursino attacked on the back straight before going into the last technical section and hairpin before the finish straight. I managed to jump on the wheel and it was then I knew I had to kick out of the corner. I kicked out of the hairpin and thankfully managed to hold it for the win. It was such a fun race, to beat those guys is really pleasing. I must Martino definitely got most stylish rider of the day, he was sliding into the corners, especially in qualifying when he set the fastest lap. Was so so cool watching him do that, like a supermoto bike”

Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci
Fiorino Crit 2017 Photo by Massimo Bacci

We also got a statement from Claudio Di Santo from the race organisation:
“The race has been fast as fuck with a lot of attack by Bahumer and Supernova team and with a huge solo attack by Fabio Scarazzati. At the middle Alec Briggs Of Specialized Rocket Espresso and Martino Poccianti of Cykeln Divisione Corse found the deal. They worked togheter gaining a good gap. Behind the Cykeln Divisione Corse was controlling the pack with Marco Poccianti and Roberto Pagliaccia. Severals attack by Francesco Chicchi all neutralized. The last three laps were out of mind, the boys attacked each other to find the right place for the sprints. I can tell you that the final lap was made at 48,9 km/h, impressive.”

Alec Briggs winning the Men’s crit Photo by Emanuele Barbaro

Jasmine Dotti won the race just before Carla Nafria and Paola Panzeri. In the Men’s B category it was Andrea Assi taking the win followed by Matteo Manzi and Paolo Galloni settling for 2nd and 3rd.

Jasmine Dotti winning the Women’s race Photo by Emanuele Barbaro
B race final sprint Photo by Emanuele Barbaro

1. Jasmine Dotti
2. Carla Nafria
3. Paola Panzeri

Men A:
1. Alec Briggs
2. Martino Poccianti
3. Giovanni Longo

Men  B:
1. Andrea Assi
2. Matteo Manzi
3. Paolo Galloni

The Trophy Photo by @alegogo84/@MoloDiViare
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