Fixed Gear Crit

Breaking: First National Teams Fixed Gear Criterium announced & registrations open!

Starting 2019 there will be a new race added to the calendar. A race, that will have national and continental teams competing against each other, the first National Team Fixed Gear Race, The Fixed Nations Cup will take place in Dijon on May 31, June 1 & 2 2019. There will be three disciplines, the Team Time Trial (TTT), a Criterium, and an Omnium. The race is organised by our good friend Maxime Poisson from Sportunit and the race director of the National Moutarde Crit. As FGC we are proud to also announce that we will serve as their official media partner.

May 31 2019    TTT
June 1 2019     Criterium
June 2 2019     Omnium

To take part in the selection procedure for the Fixed Nations Cup, athletes firstly have to register on the website: for the English website or for the French.

To be selected in your national team, athletes have to score points in the selected crits during the 2018 season.

A national team can be composed of, at least, 30 athletes from the same country are registered and participate in at least 1 of the crits counting for the selection procedure for the Fixed Nations Cup. If a country doesn’t have 30 riders registered or racing, the athletes will join their Continental Team. Athletes not selected in their National or Continental Team can participate in the Fixed Nations Cup as an individual rider. Registrations for not directly qualified riders will open in April 2019.

Each National Team will consist out of the top 5 women and top 5 men placed on the Fixed Nations Cup ranking of their country.

Scoring System
Points are given to the top 5 of each participating nation at every crit that is participating in the Fixed Nations Cup. However, you can only score points after you have registered for the Fixed Nations Cup.

Bonus Points
Points obtained in the home country are doubled
Red Hook Criterium winners will get an extra 50 points, 35 points for the number 2, and 20 points for the number 3.

Example 1 > If you are French and you finish :

1st French in Brooklyn (Red Hook Crit), 2nd overall : 10 pts + 35 pts (extra bonus) : 45 pts

6th French in London (ThunderCrit) : 0 pts

3rd French in Dijon (National Moutarde Crit) : 5 pts x 2 (bonus) : 10 pts

2nd French in Trieste (Ursus Criterium) : 7 pts

You score : [10 pts + 35 pts] + 0 pts + [5 pts x 2] + 7 pts = 62 points.

Example 2 > If you are Italian and you finish:

8th Italian in Brooklyn (Red Hook Crit) : 0 pts

1st Italian in Berlin (8bar Crit) : 10 pts

4th Italian in London (ThunderCrit) : 3 pts

1st Italian in Dijon (National Moutarde Crit) : 10 pts

5th Italian in Bergamo (Rosti Criterium Balandersʼ Challenge) : 1 pt x 2 (bonus)

2nd Italian in Roosendaal (Draai V/D Kaai Crit) : 7 pts

You score : 0 pts + 10 pts + 3 pts + 10 pts + [1 pt x 2] + 7 pts = 32 points.

The National Teams Lists will be updated after each criterium on the results page of the website.

Qualifying Fixed Nations Cup

April 14 : 8Bar Crit (GER)

April 21 : Oakley Criterium (IT)
April 21:  Mission Crit (USA)

April 28 : Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn (USA)

June 2 : Thunder Crit  (UK)

June 9 : Waterkant Crit (GER)

June 23 : Rosti Criterium Balanders (ITA)

July 7 : National Moutarde Crit (FR)

July 28 : Ursus Criterium (ITA)

August 6 : Draai v/d Kaai NL Crit Series (NL)