Fixed Gear Crit

Black and White Photo Collage Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5 by Björn Lexius

With the last Red Hook Criterium taking place in 2 weeks we look back one more time to Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5 with photographer Björn Lexius.

“Red Hook Crit Barcelona was the first race of the RHC series that I ever photographed, that was back in 2014 and I shot this one only with my small everyday mirrorless-camera (being there more as a friend of a rider and wanting to not work on the day) and I processed all of these images in Black & White only as I always felt B&W has a more classic photo journalistic approach and, it just looks great. A few years down the line now I was thinking of paying tribute to myself with this all B&W collection of this year’s RHC Barcelona as I haven’t made it to BCN again for the race since 2014. I kinda recognized that I love this mixture of some “typical” race photos but also my observations of the little moments in between and I had the same mixture back in 2014 so it seemed obvious to go for the same aesthetic as I did back then.” – Björn