Fixed Gear Crit

Behind the Scenes at Red Hook Crit “The idea became a race. The race became a global event series. The series is bringing people together” Panos Sinopoulos

A unique group of people, bringing out the best of you. With one common goal; make every race worth trying better for the next one. People with respect, for the achievements of their predecessors and the continuous hard work and vision of their leader.

This is the Red Hook Crit Team.

It doesn’t matter how many cities you may visit in a season or how many athletes you work with. It all comes down to your own every day partners in crime. Colleagues, volunteers, locals, and people you work with during the races and spend more time together than with your own family, partner, husband or wife.A very special mention to the vast community of volunteers all around the world, people of all ages that believe in our cause. Seeing them working together and trying very hard, without any demands but a smile or a “thank you”, only to feel that they have been part of it and they have contributed.
Text: Panos Sinopoulos

Friends that have been supporting the race since the early days. For an experience they will hardly get elsewhere. And you know what?

YOU can also be involved in this fantastic event!

As most of you already know, the Red Hook Criterium is a four-race series championship that takes place in four cities around the world. Athletes from more than 40 countries around the world will participate in a technical race format, competing for the coveted championship title.

Connecting with the local cycling community in each city is important for us and is what makes this event unique. Yet, the true heroes behind the scene are the dedicated crew of volunteers that follows the race in each city. Volunteers, who build the circuit, manage the crowds, assist the athletes, and introduce a sense of community into the event.


But instead of me doing all the talking, you could read the testimonials below from friends that have already volunteered.

“Volunteering for RHC was such a positive and fulfilling experience. From the camaraderie to the new and old friends, it was the best way to start and end the RHC weekend. Many of us competing enjoyed the calm before the storm; setting up a track we would later be competing on was a much-needed break between all the chaos. On many levels, it was incredibly cathartic to experience the grounds before people began spilling in for the festivities.”
Kate, Brooklyn No.10 volunteer & 5K athlete


“As a volunteer watching raw space transform into race track is a pretty cool experience. I came back this year to help with setting up and breaking down because I understand how much time and hard work goes into creating an event like Red Hook Crit.”
Kayla, Brooklyn No.10 volunteer & athlete

The Red Hook Criterium would not be possible without their invaluable help.

Volunteers work alongside, the race director, logistic managers, circuit and safety experts, video & social media producers, merchandise staff, and athletes from around the world. The hours can be long (and sometimes in terrible weather), but the experiences and people one can meet are unforgettable. Some also register for more than one shift and/or for more than one day!



“I would absolutely recommend volunteering. It gives a whole new appreciation for the event, being a part of it rather than just spectating, and you make friends along the way!”
Rachel, Brooklyn No.10 volunteer


“If you want to be part of a passionate team and help support an event that is happening in your neighbourhood or an event you are passionate about PLEASE REGISTER. Events wouldn’t happen without volunteers and giving some of your time is the best donation you could give to those athletes. Every person counts, and you will feel so good about what you accomplished. I look forward every year to see the faces of some other volunteers I met the year before and the event as such a great vibe.”
Marilou, volunteering as Parc Fermé Director in Brooklyn


Furthermore, we must not forget to mention all the people that have attended the races to volunteer, either because they happened to be in the city for a vacation or because they especially came for the event.

Let’s take a look at Sebastian’s and Dror & Alex’s story.

Sebastian flew all the way from Poland for London No.2 and he volunteered as a course marshal the whole day of the race without leaving his position, getting praises from all of us and especially from the course marshals Zone Leaders.

On the other hand, Dror & Alex, a couple from Israel, visited Italy this year for a cycling holiday and as soon as they found out about Milano no.8, they personally contacted us expressing their interest in volunteering.

Another example, like Alex & Mireia, a couple from Barcelona. Alex has been racing and volunteering at the Barcelona race for many years now, helping with his organisational skills and with the knowledge of the Spanish and Catalan language. He also flew to both Milano No.7 and London No.3 driven by his love for the race and his eagerness to offer, and since the last two races of 2017 series, he is now considered official staff!

Also, his wife Mireia has been an important asset for Athlete Registration & Check-in purposes in Barcelona No.4, supporting our Athlete Check-in Director.

“The first time I volunteered for Red Hook Crit was one of the best experiences I have had. The way everybody from the staff treats you as one of them and just being able to make sure the race and racers are going to be safe. Makes it worth wild. I’ve been volunteering for several years and always anxious for the next crit. Highly recommend the experience if you live and love fixed gear.”
Alex, Volunteer Director Assistant & Branding Team Leader

To all the people mentioned above and many more worth mentioning but cannot fit in one article, we cannot Thank you enough for all your hard work, following the Red Hook Criterium Series around the world!

Crit week
My role at the Red Hook Crit is that of the Volunteer & Logistics Coordinator. Everyone at the team has been assigned to a specific role, according to our abilities and background. My colleagues are also responsible for Race Operations, Athlete Registration, Social Media, Video, Merchandise, Making things happen; all experts in their fields!

We all come from different places, some from different countries and continents.


It’s amazing the reasons and the incentives that have pushed each one of us to go after working for the Red Hook Crit. Can you imagine any other job that motivates potential colleagues around the world to go after it? It’s crazy!

The busiest period of each race is the “Critweek”. During this week all the crew starts getting together. From Monday to Sunday we all live and breathe for the event. The atmosphere and the environment working in the RHC office during that time is one of the best I have experienced; I am sure many of my colleagues would agree on this. The rhythm, the flow and the fact that we know that everything will eventually come together successfully, in the end, is one of the aspects that makes our team special.


So in the end, we enjoy the race, the break down, the race and after-race reports and in general, we have a great time altogether.

We all believe in our cause deeply otherwise we wouldn’t be doing that.

The idea became a race. The race became a global event series. The series is bringing people together from all over the world. Either to compete, in equal terms with each other, whether a world champion or an unknown bike messenger or to work with, volunteer and interact with great people.

The impact the race has had on the athletes so long is the same for the volunteers to keep them coming, the same for the people that work for the Red Hook Crit races. Even bigger for the least since the passion of the first two drives us to evolve and try harder.

That is what matters. This is what Red Hook Criterium is all about. From its perception till the present day.

The only thing left to say is a big Thank you to David Trimble that has brought us in and gave us the chance to experience one of the greatest bicycle races in the world.

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