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Aventon Factory Team announces 2017 line-up & kit

The Aventon Factory Team just released the line up and kit for 2017. The team had a successful season in 2016, but a victory in Red Hook Crit was not achieved although both Tristan Uhl and Gretchen Stumhofer came very close with a 2nd (RHC Barcelona) and 3rd place (RHC Milano). However, with a win in the Red Bull Last and the National Moutarde Crit by Gretchen and David Santos their season was far from awful. For the 2017 season the team almost stays fully intact with some promising additions, Issac Howe and Eleonore Saraiva, to the team. The latter surprised the fixed gear scene by taking pole position in RHC Milano. Furthermore, with riders like Tristan Uhl, David Santos, Olivier Leroy, Sammi Runnels, and Gretchen Stumhofer staying, the team is ready to compete for the win in every crit they participate in. Besides presenting the team riders, Aventon Factory Team also announced their partnership with Eliel Cycling, a California based clothing company which will supply the team with some cool custom designed kits. Of course the team will ride on Aventon frames, the Cordoba. Sean Burke, the coach and manager of the team, has high hopes for 2017, more on that in the interview we had with him which will be published soon!

Men’s team:
Tristan Uhl, David Santos, Chris Tolley, Olivier Leroy, Joaquin Najar, Isaac Howe

Women’s team:
Sammi Runnels, Gretchen Stumhofer, Esther Walker, Kym Perfetto, Nissy Cobb, Eléonore Saraiva

Aventon Factory Team 2016 Highlights
1st Place Woman, Wolfpack Hustle Shortline Criterium, Long Beach CA
3rd Place Men’s Wolfpack Hustle Shortline Criterium, Long Beach CA
1st & 2nd, Men’s National Mutarde Criterium, Dijon France
2nd Place, Men’s Redhook Crit, Barcelona
3rd Place, Women’s Redhook Crit, Milan
5th Place, Women’s Redhook Crit, Milan
3rd Place, Men’s Bone Machine Criterium, Portland Oregon
2nd Place Women’s Bone Machine Criterium, Portland Oregon
1st & 3rd Place, Women’s Red Bull Last Stand, Austin TX

Text: Brian Megens
Header Image: Tornanti.CC