Fixed Gear Crit

Are material zones in fixed gear crits the future? 8Bar does it in their 8Bar Crit

There is always, and there always will be, controversy after every Red Hook Criterium. This time one of the topics is the material changes by several riders from several teams that are the center of attention. Both the fairness and safety can be questioned regarding material changes on a live course. However, 8bar will attempt to minimise the second factor by coming with a designated material zone which they name ‘transition zone’ in the 8Bar crit taking place next weekend in Berlin.

“official course layout including transition zone / Strecke inklusive Wechselzone¬†transition zone:
If you have a mechanical defect or get involved in a crash you have to go to the “transition zone” to get a free lap. The defect/crash needs to be verified by the referee. You have to start after the group that you were in before your defect/crash. Spare wheels/parts/bikes/tools need to be stored in the transition zone. There are two entries/exits. Maximum one free lap per race for each rider.”