Fixed Gear Crit

Alec Briggs defends Rapha Nocturne London title successfully, Dotti wins women’s race

Last weekend, the Rapha Nocturne was held, next to the pro geared criteriums there were two fixed gear crit’s, one in the men’s and one in the women’s category. In the men’s crit, Alec Briggs, the defending champion, was the top-favourite. He is on a roll with victories in the Thundercrit, the Criterium Italia Florence. The women’s field had several top-contenders with Jasmine Dotti taking the win back home to Italy. We spoke with Alec Briggs to get his view on his win.

Alec Briggs on winning the Rapha Nocturne
“It was a tough race on a great circuit. A strong field. I think there were a lot of new UK riders having a go at fixed crits, as there were a lot of stupid crashes behind. It goes to show how different riding a fixed gear is to a road bike. So I knew the best thing was to stay out of trouble. I mostly sat in second wheel most of the time. Don’t think I went further back the fifth wheel at all. There was probably an attack every lap, just had to cover. It was hard!”

“I hadn’t been feeling very good the last two weeks since Florence, so I was trying to work out what was best to do. I thought probably using my kick to try and get a gap out the last corner was best. I ended up leading the whole last lap which was a bit scary. The Adonis, Moser was on my wheel and looking strong so I was worried, I knew I had to go around the last corner as fast as I could. I kicked and thankfully was able to hold the gap to the line, I may have started celebrating a bit early, haha, but thankfully held on. Nice reminder not to be such a cocky twat.”

Podium Men’s
1. Alec Briggs – Specialized / Rocket Espresso
2. Ignazio Moser – Team Cinelli Chrome
3. Lhenry Félix – Team Look Criterium

Podium Women’s
2. Brooke Philips – ELF Huez*
3. Eeva Sarlin – Velociposse