Fixed Gear Crit

Aldo Ino Ilesic starts own crit team for non-RHC races

Last weekend, Aldo Ilesic kicked off his fixed gear crit season with the Rad Race Last Man Standing. Aldo was unable to reach the final on this very technical course. However, as this indoor go-kart circuit is so different to other fixed gear crit courses, it is expected that the Slovenian powerhouse will be battling for the win in big international fixed gear crits like RHC. In Berlin we had a quick talk with him in which he confirmed to continue the cooperation with Specialized. However, for other geared and fixed gear crits Aldo starts his own team “Critlife” which is going to be supported by Specialized and others, to be announced soon.

Photo by Jeroen van Zijp

His team mates for Critlife are going to be Eamon Lucas, Clay Murfet, Akinori Yamamura, and Brian Fehery. The first three all have experience on the UCI Continental level. As the team presentation of Allez-Allez Specialized is planned around the Mission Crit, Aldo was unable to state if any riders of Critlife will help him in the RHC’s neither could he give any information on the RHC team for 2017. One this is clear though, the RHC series, with Allez-Allez Specialized will be the main goal for Aldo in 2017. We hope to have more information on Allez-Allez Specialized or Critlife soon!