Fixed Gear Crit

A-crit Vol. 5 won by Erath and van Eerd

In Antwerp the crit-family of northern-Europe gathered for the first time after the devastating news coming from France just before the weekend. The French crit scene was represented in the A-Crit Vol.5 by Paul Vanotti and Tim Ceresa. After a minute of silence for Nico and Louis the races started.
Photography: Tom Bergman

In the men’s race the gas was wide open from the start resulting in 10 riders, with later 8 left, separating themselves from the rest of the field. From these 8 riders 6 ended up sprinting for victory as Dutchman Ivo Kinkel was taken out with a flat tire and Tim Ceresa had a minor crash. The sprint was won by David van Eerd from 8Bar, followed by Edwin van Kerkhof from FAST, and Bram Linnartz from Team WIT.

In the women’s field it was Tanja Erath who showcased again how strong she was as she dominated the field by lapping the whole women’s field, and some riders from the men’s field.

Podium Men’s
1. David van Eerd
2. Edwin van Kerkhof
3. Bram Linnartz

Podium Women’s
1. Tanja Erath
2. Sofie Wangertseder
3. Lena Vogi