Fixed Gear Crit

7 riders from 7 teams that all can walk away with the win in Red Hook Criterium London No.3

Red Hook Criterium London No.3 is likely to have the most competitive field in the history of women’s cycling in Red Hook Criterium with a mixture of solid fixed gear crit riders and world-class roadies and track cyclist. Together with Aventon Factory Team manager Sean Burke we made a shortlist of 7 riders from 7 teams that can all cross the finish line first in Red Hook Criterium London No.3

Note: the level in the women’s field (Ms. King excluded) is extremely close. Therefore, picking only 7 women was extremely hard so we have to mention Sammi Runnels from Aventon Factory Team, Raphaele Lemieux from Team IBike, and Keira McVitty from Revo as 3 riders to watch out for as well as the have proven their strengths in the past. Having them not on this shortlist was genuinely a flip of a coin and all of them should not be underestimated.
Text: Sean Burke/Brian Megens

Tanja Erath – Fixedpott
Why she can win:
Erath, coming from the triathlon sport, has incredible power in her legs. She rules the NL Crit Series and was close in beating the whole men’s B field.
Why she cannot win: lack of RHC/race experience, made her debut in the fixed gear crit and geared peloton only this year. With women around her as strong this lack of experience might be a deal breaker.

Carla Nafria – Crit Life
Why she can win: Nafria is the sole female RHC rider on Aldo Ilsec’s Crit Life team, and Aldo has an eye for talent. She was 3rd in Brooklyn, and always looked comfortable in the race. In a finishing sprint, she has solid chance.
Why she cannot not win: Carla has no teammates in the race, so she’ll have to utilize the other teams and riders get get herself in good position.

Jasmine Dotti – IRD Carrera Squadra Corse
Why She Can Win:
Dotti has been on the podium more than once, only to be beaten by riders like amazingly fit Dani King or an amazingly fast Ainara Albusto Ortega. She has a combination of fitness and speed that may be exactly what’s required to take the win.
Why she cannot win: Dotti is SO good at everything, but she may not be the best at anything.

Eleonore Saraiva – Aventon Factory Team
Why she can win:
Eleonore has put in the fastest qualifying time in the 2 RHC races she entered, and even though she finished second in Brooklyn, she holds the leader’s skinsuit going into Brooklyn. She has 2 teammates to help her in London, including consistent podium finisher Sammi Runnels. Runnels wasn’t in London last year when Dani King Demolished the field, and she may be able to help neutralize King.
Why she cannot win: While Saraiva is a definite favorite, she’ll be heavily marked in the leader’s skinsuit, and unlike some of the others on this list, she has yet to win a RHC.

Eleonore leading the field at the start of RHC BK 10. She would end 2nd but leads the GC

Ash Duban – Affinity Cycles
Why she can win:
Never count out Ash Duban. She is probably the most experienced RHC rider on this list, she was the 2016 series champion, and her ride across to the winning break in London last year was impressive feat. If she had made the move from the start, rather than burning big matches getting across, she may have been able to stick with King to the finish.
Why she cannot win: Ash has no teammates in the race, and while she has been on the podium several times, she may not have what it takes to be the first across the line.

Colleen Gulick – Deluxe Cycles
Why she can win:
Gulick won her very first Red Hook Crit, so that’s a good sign, she’s also a smart racer who has been at it for over half over life. In Brooklyn she waited patiently and then rode the last lap like a boss, easily crossing the line first.
Why she cannot win: Gulick is fit and fast, but there is some serious firepower coming to London.  Waiting for the finishing sprint may not work, and with some long straights before the finish line, it will be tougher to control the field on that last lap.

Dani King is the obvious favorite.
Why she can win:
Dani is an Olympic gold medalist and world champion. Last year in London she blew the race to bits almost immediately, and lapped the entire field. It was a massacre.
Why she cannot win: All eyes will be on her, that doesn’t mean the other riders will be able to do anything about it, but they’ll all be prepared.