Fixed Gear Crit

7 favourites for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11

Over the last years the women’s field has been growing in both quantity as quality. Out of the 64 starters we selected 7 riders that could take home the victory in Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn Brooklyn no.11. Besides individual top athletes, for the first time in RHC history we can expect several super strong female teams battling each other opening the door for more team tactics in the race.
Text: Brian Megens


Elena Valentini – T Red Racing
Elena got a third place in RHC Milano No.8 and from the result in the Milano Crit, which she also won, it looks like she is training as serious as she was in her professional CX career.

Carla Nafria– Specialized/Rocket-Espresso
Carla Nafria was in the front of almost all races in 2017. This year she looks ready to add a big win to her race cv. Last week in Mission Crit she was controlling most of the race and only had to let Esther Walker go on the finish line. Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 might be her breakthrough race.

Colleen Gulick – Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
Colleen will defend her RHC Brooklyn No.11 title. Last year, she only raced Brooklyn and London but Colleen proved that she doesn’t need a lot of fixed gear crits to compete with the best fixed gear crit racers in the world.

Ash Duban– The Meteor // Hey Allez!
Ash Duban won the RHC Championship in 2016. Last year, she couldn’t compete for the overal Championship but by winning Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5 she definitely didn’t have a bad year. For this season, she can count on the help of some strong team mates with Sammi Runnels and Nicole Mertz.

Eleonore Saraiva – Aventon Factory Racing
Eleonore is the reigning RHC Champion. However, so far she hasn’t been able to win a single Red Hook Criterium. This is something she definitely wants to change in Brooklyn No.11 this year. With the help of her strong teammates, Esther Walker and Lisa Wörner, she will do everything she can to finally take that RHC victory home.

Raphaele Lemieux – Specialized/Rocket-Espresso
Raphaële Lemieux was the first Canadian to win a RHC. In the rain in Red Hook Criterium London No.3 she proved to be the perfect combination of a strong, smart, and super technical rider. In the 2 remaining RHC’s luck wasn’t on her side. For 2018, she transferred to the top team Specialized/Rocket-Espresso and will team up with other RHC Brooklyn No.11 favourite Carla Nafria creating another super strong team in the RHC women’s peloton.

Ainara Elbusto – Santafixie BLB London
Ainara has won 4 Red Hook Crits and last year she showed with he 2nd place in Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5 that she is still in the game despite being out of the scene for quite a while. We are curious to see how she will do in Brooklyn but that everyone has to take her into account is a sure thing.