Fixed Gear Crit

1st National Italian Fixed Gear Crit Championship won by Panzeri & Poccianti

Last weekend the first ever official National Championship in fixed gear crit racing were held in Italy, in the beautiful scenery of Salsomaggiore Terme, a city near Parma. Besides the National Championships, also the Criterium Italia’s trophy was decided upon as it was the last race in the series. The race was held on a 1k circuit going all around the Urban historical “Parco Mazzini” garden. The course, oval shaped, was characterized by a  a downhill and a 5% climb. On top of that, the rain and wind turned out to be a decisive factor in the race.

Photos by: Emanuele Barbaro, Micaela Pozzoli, and Chiara Redaschi
Text translation: Micaela Pozzoli

At 7.30pm the Men’s A, the one that will assign the Italian Champion title and the Criterium Italia’s trophy of 2017, starts. At the end of the first lap a crash occurs involving Jesus Rubio from IRD Squadra Corse and Roberto Pagliaccia from Cykeln Divisione Corse, unfortunately Roberto is forced to quit the race. Jesus is almost instantly back on his bike, completely full of scratches and blood on the left side of his body.

From the gun the pace is set high and it is a constant battle between Cykeln’s, Urbe’s, Brilla’s, Bahumer’s, Bike Channel’s men and Mariani from IRD, who was isolated after the crash of Rubio. Rubio bravely kept pedalling but was unable to return to the front of the race.

With 5 laps to go it is clear that the first Italian Fixed Gear Crit Champion will come from the front group of 12 riders. The rain continues to fall, reducing the visibility of the riders. With amazing team work, Cykeln Divisione Corse brings Martino Poccianti, best man in the Italian fixed gear 2017 season, to the win of the first Italian Championship and the entire Criterium Italia’s trophy. Alessandro Mariani from IRD Squadra Corse Carrera takes the 2nd place, and Marco Poccianti makes the race for Cykeln even better by taking 3rd place.

While in the Men’s A Final the rain came pouring down, the women were more lucky as they started their race with a bit of drizzle. However, mid-way the race the rain intensified. The first Italian Fixed Gear Crit Champion in the Women’s is decided by a sprint. In the sprint it is Paola Panzeri from Cinelli-Chrome who shows her fast legs and takes the victory and the first Italian Championship’s jersey in the Fixed Gear world. Behind her Virginia Cancellieri (IRD Squadra Corse Carrera) and Jasmine Dotti (IRD Squadra Corse Carrera) come in 2nd and 3rd.

In the B Final a group of 12 separates themselves from the rest of the field in the third lap.
02 Race B

With 5 laps to go, Manuel Scerbo, from Beltrami Criterium Italia, attack but are being neutralised by the first group. The finish of the race is a long sprint, with 9 athletes, won by Manuel Scerbo helped by his teammate Manuel Cucciniello. Edo Belt (Balanders’ Crew) takes 2nd place and Mattia Capece (Dafne Fixed) complements the podium of the Final B.

Men’s A Podium
1. Martino Poccianti – Cykeln Divisione
2. Allesandro Mariani – IRD Squadra Corse Carrera
3. Marco Poccianti – Cykeln Divisione

Women’s Podium
1. Paola Panzeri – Team Cinelli-Chrome
2. Virginia Cancellieri – IRD Squadra Corse Carrera
3. Jasmine Dotti – IRD Squadra Corse Carrera

Men’s B Podium
1. Manuel Scerbo – Beltrami Criterium Italia
2. Edo Belt – Balanders’ Crew
3. Mattia Capece – Dafne Fixed