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12 Quick Tips for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 race day

Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 is around the corner and everyone stresses out on race day. Here are some quick tips to give you some peace of mind!
Text: Brian Megens
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  1. Test and check your bike a day before the race

    Photo by: Brian Megens
  2. Check your shoes and specifically the state of your cleats and tighten them

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  3. Start race day with a good breakfast but plan it at least 3 hours before your race

    Photo by Brian Megens
  4. Make sure to bring enough sports nutrition and drinks to the venue

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  5. Make sure to eat and drink enough during the day

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  6. Caffeine before the race can enhance your performance but it also dehydrates you

    Photo by: Brian Megens
  7. Bring spare material like inner tubes, tires, etc. in case you get a flat during warm-up

  8. Bring tools to adjust or fix your bike

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  9. Check and test which tire pressure is best for you and the track

    Photo by: Brian Megens
  10. Check your tires for stones or pins
  11. Set enough tension on the rear wheel bolts and check your chain slack
  12. Do a proper warm-up before the race because the gas will be full open from the gun

    Photo by Lian van Leeuwen

But above all, enjoy the ride!